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A commitment to the environment and to the arts

Clifton Ware, D.M., Professor Emeritus (voice), U of MN-TC, received his undergraduate degree in philosophy and music, and D.M. degree in vocal performance from Northwestern University in Evanston, IL. He has performed extensively as tenor soloist in recital, opera, and oratorio, authored four books—Adventures in Singing (4/e 2008), Basics of Vocal Pedagogy (1998), The Singer’s Life: Goals and Roles (2005), The Aging Challenge: Making the Most of Life After 50 (2009), and given numerous professional presentations nationally and internationally.  Since his retirement as a full-time professor, he has served residences at Austin Peay U in Clarksville, TN and the U of Tennessee-Knoxville, and presented occasional master classes at colleges and universities, and for professional organizations. Clif and his wife Bettye are co-founders and organizers of Citizens for Sustainability and The Sustainability Education Forum, which involves producing an e-newsletter (Sustainability News + Views).

Listen to two patriotic songs: The Star-Spangled Banner and We Sing of America

Bettye Ware (M.S., U of Southern MS) is a professional pianist, piano teacher, and summer church alto chorister. She has collaborated with her husband in numerous musical performances, presentations, and teaching engagements, in addition to jointly creating and performing 37 original songs, including Eco Songs: Promoting Sustainability Through the Arts (2010). Among their song compositions are songs about aging that are used in performance-lecture presentations titled The Aging Challenge: Making the Most of Later Life. They also collaborate in teaching quarterly group voice exploration classes at the St. Anthony Village Community Center in their Minnesota hometown. She and Clif enjoy a family that consists of three sons, three daughters-in-law, and four grandchildren.


Expertise, wisdom, and the written word

This teaching text provides a comprehensive overview of all relevant areas involved in voice use, including voice production, performance, and teaching, and supported by inclusion of basic anatomy, scientific information, techniques, and methods. It has been widely adopted for voice pedagogy classes in colleges and universities, both nationally and internationally.

This is the popular book that introduced Clif's "simple and authentic" voice method across the county and abroad. It is required reading for beginning voice students in many colleges and universities. Indeed, Adventures In Singing, as the title suggests, makes singing a joyous and successful endeavor.

This handbook is one every aspiring  singer should have. It covers all facets of a successful vocalist's art and life. Consider it a primer in attaining the status of a fully-realized singer, in thought, practice, and mind-body health.

After years of being mindful about vocal and mind-body health, Clif has shared the holistic principles learned with others. The Aging Challenge has been written to help others negotiate life's challenges, especially for persons dealing with midlife uncertainties. This book provides clarity and a life-tested blueprint. for enjoying life into old age.


 Current Activities

• Community Education Classes—quarterly terms of Voice Exploration Classes at St. Anthony Village (SAV) Community Center 


• Sustainability News + Views

          E-newsletter—editor, publisher

•  Board MemberCitizen-Powered Media



• Environmental Activist—a supporting member of World Population Balance, and a founding member of the Sustainable World Population Alliance (SWPA).

• Citizens for Sustainability—Co-founder/organizer/activist, St. Anthony Village, Minnesota


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